Increase Motorcycle Sales with Industry-Leading Digital Messaging Solutions

Transform the way you connect with today’s motorcycle buyers using the most comprehensive communications and digital retailing solutions on the market. With ActivEngage, your dealership can have conversations across digital channels that increase engagement, lead, and sales.

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Web-Based Software

ActivEngage’s web-based platform is your hub for all digital conversations. Features like PreRead™ and Lead Form AutoFill help your team’s efficiency, while Chat Transfer and Lead Routing offer a seamless experience for you and your customers. And, all chat transcripts and lead information are sent directly to your CRM for streamlined, effective follow-up.

Managed Chat Support

Today's always-on consumers don't keep regular business hours. Sleep well at night, knowing that an expert team is assisting your online customers, even after your physical location closes. Our team converts an unmatched percentage of conversations into qualified sales opportunities for your team.

Digital Retailing Integration

Add messaging to your digital retailing tool for a guided online motorcycle buying experience! Our professionally-trained team (or yours) can help move consumers down-funnel by answering questions in real-time and building buyer confidence that increases completion.


Turn social media into social commerce with ActivEngage. From listing pre-owned inventory on Facebook Marketplace to having real-time conversations through Messenger, ActivEngage is your premier provider when it comes to Facebook optimization.


Leverage Google’s powerful business listings API with Google My Business to engage buyers searching for your dealership right from the search results page. With our integration, your customers can get their questions answered when and where they need it the most.


Access shoppers’ live FICO scores, tradeline information, current loan payments, and more. With QualiFi, our team (our yours) can facilitate prescreens through one of our credit service partners and drive more qualified customers to your store.

Enhanced Service Scheduling

Over 30% of ActivEngage conversations are related to Fixed Ops. Through integrations with today’s most popular service scheduling platforms, our team of experts can set service appointments on your behalf and send them straight to your DMS.


OfferUp is the nation’s #1 mobile marketplace today — and motorcycles are a HOT commodity on the app. Of the vehicles sold on OfferUp, 21% sell in 2 days, and 45%+ sell within a week! If you’re listing vehicles on OfferUp, you can now turn static listings to an additional virtual showroom with ActivEngage messaging.


Take control of your online trade valuations with TradeUp, our range-based appraisal tool. TradeUp allows you to set and adjust trade ranges, and it’s powered by visually-interactive content designed to deliver the ultimate user experience. TradeUp converts 4 out of every 10 customers into potential buyers!


Give your Autotrader inventory listings a major engagement boost. With ActivEngage’s SMS integration, motorcycle buyers can get their questions answered directly on Autotrader VDPs. ActivEngage will handle these incoming messages 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity.


Supercharge your website with our conversion accelerator. ActivTarget uses AI and visitor data to serve up behaviorally-driven offers that engage the right buyers at the right time. The best part? There’s no lead cannibalization; you get more leads that close at the same rate as other web leads (sometimes higher).


On average, 26% of ActivEngage appointments result in a sale. With ActivAlerts, you’re the first to know when a hot lead is headed to your showroom. Your management team will get SMS notifications every time we set an appointment on your behalf.


Get more out of your Craigslist listings, and effortlessly drive more sales from your inventory listings. With our SMS text feature, your team (or ours) can connect with interested buyers on Craigslist.

SMS Texting

Engage and convert mobile shoppers using ActivEngage's SMS texting feature. Get a unique, text-enabled phone number for each of your profit centers, manage compliance regulations with automated opt-ins and opt-outs, and use our secure platform to text from your desktop or mobile device.

Reporting & Analytics

Keep track of your dealership's digital success in right within the ActivEngage console. Our platform allows you to gather and monitor data, such as the number of conversations had and the number of conversations converted within a specific time frame. You can even see what your most-asked-about vehicles are!