Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Program connects H-D Dealers with the leading names in Power Sports digital marketing. The program gives dealers the choice of market-leading digital solutions, industry-leading support, content development, and unbiased performance improvement recommendations from an H-D Dealer dedicated Virtual Marketing Consultant (VMC).

What are the benefits of the Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Program?

  • Choice of certified providers
  • Insights into consumer behavior
  • Dedicated Dealer Support from VMC
  • Cost savings leveraging pre-negotiated rates
  • Consistent and accurate data metrics
  • Transparent provider performance
  • Access to ever-evolving certified tools and programs

Where can I learn more about the Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Program? or (833) 886-7221.

What is a Virtual Marketing Consultant (VMC)?

A VMC is an extension of your dealership. They are U.S.-based support representatives 100% dedicated to Harley-Davidson® and your dealership’s success within the program. VMCs can help manage your website and offer strategic recommendations on how to create a better website experience for your consumers. The VMCs are not incentivized on sales and do not have provider preference. Your VMC is an expert in all H-D Dealer Digital Programs and platforms, and they maintain the relationship with you even through certified provider changes.

When will I find out who my VMC is?

Your assigned VMC will reach out to you within 48 business hours of receiving your enrollment in the program.

What can my H-D VMC do?

  • Create custom and compliant website content (banners, custom landing pages, etc.)
  • Update National or Dealer offers
  • Edit dealership information across website
  • CRM review & setup
  • Report on website performance and consult on ways to improve site performance
  • Answer questions regarding billing
  • Third Party tool integration support
  • Consult on Digital Advertising performance (within the H-D Dealer Digital Program)
  • Review lead performance data and reporting

How can I terminate my current website contract and enroll with a Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Program Certified provider?

If you are on a current H-D Dealer Digital website provider, your agreement will be migrated to the new program within 60 days from when you enroll. You will still need to enroll and sign the ‘End User License Agreement’ (EULA) to begin the transition through

What if I want to keep my current website provider? Do I still need to enroll?

If your provider has been approved for the program you will need to re-enroll with them through the H-D Dealer Digital website.

Will my price go up?

The price of your new website and add-on tools have been exclusively negotiated by Harley-Davidson® to ensure that provider package rates are competitive.

Is there an additional cost to participate in the H-D Dealer Digital Program?

No, there is no additional cost to participate in the Program. However, your cost will vary depending on the website provider, package, and add-on tools (i.e. chat/text widgets etc.) that you select during enrollment.

I’m working with a third-party tool or website provider not listed. What is the process to have it approved?

Harley-Davidson® will review third-party tool and other providers on a rolling basis. If you’re working with a provider not currently included, you may suggest it to your VMC with information on the services they provide. They will work with Harley-Davidson® to evaluate the provider. Please note that providers are held accountable to a number of standards and integrations that not all providers have the capabilities to satisfy.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll in Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Program through the program website, Your H-D VMC will reach out to you within two days from enrollment to confirm details and walk you through the onboarding process.

What do I need to enroll?

To enroll make sure you have your dealer code, and main dealership contact information for both technical support and billing (phone numbers & emails). Once enrolled and confirmed, dealers will have the option to setup payment via ACH or Credit Card. Dealers can use the enrollment site to compare different providers and packages if they haven’t decided who to select. H-D VMCs can help dealers use the site and make selections.

Will I get a confirmation email summarizing what websites and tools selected?

Your H-D VMC will be contacting you within 2 business days of enrollment to confirm your selections and guide you through the remainder of the process. Additionally, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided contacts that summarizes the website providers package and tools selected.

When will my site go live after I enroll?

If you select the same certified provider that you currently use, your new site will be migrated/launched within 60-90 days from enrollment. Your VMC will be in touch with you throughout this time to keep you informed and walk you through next-steps.

Can I perform beta testing before the site goes live?

You will have access to your site before it goes live to provide feedback to your VMC and website provider. Sites will not go live without dealer approval.

Can I still call my provider directly?

Yes, you still can call your provider directly. However, your VMCs is intended to be a dedicated one stop shop for navigating any changes you may need to make to your site and/or tools.

Will I lose the custom content on my existing site?

No – your VMC will work with you and your chosen website provider to ensure that custom content is carried over from your existing site. Your VMC will also walk through initial recommendations to ensure you launch with the best site possible.

If I’m re-enrolling with my existing provider, will there be differences with my new site?

Yes – you will be migrated to the latest platform with your provider that has been designed specifically for Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital. You will have the ability to customize your website and can work with your VMC throughout the site build process. You will have a preview link to your new site before it goes live so that you can approve the design.

How will my dealership be billed?

Dealerships will be invoiced by “Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital” monthly; all services for the Program will be itemized on invoice. Please contact your VMC for questions concerning Payment details which include ACH and Credit Card options.

Will my website, Digital Advertising and Digital Tools be on one invoice?

Yes. You will be invoiced for all services you are enrolled in, on a single, itemized bill. Services not included within the H-D Dealer Digital program will continued to be billed directly by that vendor. CRM fees will also be billed directly by your CRM provider unless you have elected to enroll with RESPONSE. RESPONSE fees will also be billed on the program invoice.

What type of metrics are collected?

We will be tagging and collecting performance data from your website. For example:

  • Visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Time spent on site
  • Average page views
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic sources
  • Conversion rate
  • Lead form submissions