Enterprise Lead Management System (ELMS)

Do you ever wonder how a lead gets from its original source to your CRM? The Harley-Davidson® Enterprise Lead Management System (ELMS) is built to deliver all Harley-Davidson® leads directly to your participating CRM so that you can follow up with prospects that have indicated wanting to further engage with a dealer. With ELMS – dealers will also have access to see performance reporting including Lead Volumes by Source, Lead Response Times, and Close Rate reporting that will be benchmarked against the Nation, Market and District.

List of Certified CRM Providers:

If your CRM is not listed above, please contact Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Support at info@harley-davidsondigital.com or call (833) 886-7221. There is also a low cost option for dealers who do not currently have a CRM – learn more about RESPONSE here.

You will be able to access your dealership’s Harley-Davidson® lead performance reports in Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Analytics via H-Dnet (coming later this year). The Lead Performance reports include Summary and Detail information about how leads are being handled at your store. Some of the metrics include: Lead Volume, Response Time, Response Rate and Close Rate. All Key Metrics are benchmarked against your District, Market and National averages


If you are not currently utilizing a Certified CRM, RESPONSE is a cost-effective solution that will allow you to manage all your Harley-Davidson® prospects in an easy-to-use application. Receive leads, log outbound and inbound customer touchpoints, schedule tasks, receive notification alerts and view lead details all in one web-based CRM.

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Features of RESPONSE

Lead Management

User Management


Calendar and Task Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELMS?

ELMS is the platform for H-D Dealers to receive all Harley-Davidson® brand leads as well as leads generated through the Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital program

Is there a charge for ELMS?

No, there is no charge for ELMS.

What kinds of leads go through ELMS?

ELMS delivers leads from HDMC owned sources including Corporate Events, Dealer Lead App (DLA), H-D.com, SMaRT enrollments, and Private Offers. Also all leads generated through sources enrolled in the H-D Dealer Digital Program.

Do I have access to ELMS?

No, ELMS is an application that is managed by Shift Digital on behalf of Harley-Davidson®. If you have questions or concerns about your lead routing, please reach out to your VMC.

What are the benefits of ELMS?

Mainly, real-time lead delivery to your CRM. But there will also be impactful reporting that will be provided to Dealers and Field personnel around Lead Response Rates, activities taken on leads and Close Rates.


RESPONSE is a low-cost CRM tool that allows H-D dealers to receive and reply to leads that have been generated from Harley-Davidson® or their dealer websites. RESPONSE allows users to schedule and track follow up activities and replies to customers who have submitted leads.

How much does RESPONSE cost?

  • 2-Seat License = $119/mo.
  • 5-Seat License = $159/mo.
  • 10-seat License = $199/mo.
  • 15-seat License = $299/mo.

Why would I need RESPONSE?

If you are not using a Certified Harley-Davidson® CRM tool – it is highly recommended.