Trade-In Program

Trade-In Program

Harley-Davidson® has chosen to certify Trade-In providers that will allow dealers to promote industry-recognized trade-in values for customers looking to get that new bike and trade-in their old one. Seamless integration into the dealer’s website is paramount as traditionally trade-in leads are customers who are looking to get riding something new soon. What are the benefits of the Harley-Davidson® Dealer Digital Trade-In Program?

Program Benefits

  • Dealer choice of industry-leading certified Trade-In Evaluation tools
  • Best in class value by leveraging brand purchase power and provider competition
  • Standardized reporting & metrics
  • Brand guidelines and standards are met and upheld
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Please check back as additional providers will be added once contracted and approved by Harley-Davidson.

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Trade Accelerator

Trade Accelerator® is the largest trade-in tool provider to the motorcycle industry. There’s a reason why many of the highest volume dealers choose our instant trade-in tool. With 650+ motorcycle dealers using our instant trade-in tool, rest assured you are in good hands using a trade-in tool that generates you the most sales opportunities. Trust our 20+ years in the motorcycle industry!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Trade-In Tool?

A trade-in tool gives your customers the ability to understand what they might be able to get for the bike they currently own. Leads from these tools are traditionally high-converting.

What if I use a tool that is not a part of the program?

Continue to do so, but please let your VMC or Harley-Davidson® field rep know so that they can be considered for inclusion in the program.