Where Tech Meets Rec.

DX1 websites are built using responsive design - the next generation of website technology that automatically fits the screen size of the device and delivers the same usability and information to the mobile user as to the desktop user. All of your content lives within a single URL, boosting the SEO value and improving the speed at which your site loads. This means you don’t have to manage a desktop site and a separate mobile site. And, your customers will experience an optimized shopping experience on your website.

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Turn that Lead into a Deal.

When it comes to closing leads, it should be as simple as possible. DX1’s lead management tool is streamlined to give you the ability to follow your dealership’s “road-to-the-sale.”

No need to manage your leads from a multitude of sites. Your lead manager collects and stores leads from your DX1 website and other online classified sites in one database, allowing you to gather important marketing data on your customers such as units owned, traded, and of interest for greater sales opportunities. As leads come in, automated lead and finance application response emails are immediately sent while you prepare to make the call.

Built for Security.

All DX1 sites have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification. Visitors to your website will see visuals such as a green address bar or lock icon which indicates well-trusted encryption is in use on your website (HTTPS). They will know their sensitive information such as credit card numbers and contact information is safe when purchasing or submitting a form on your site.

As an added benefit, search engines like Google are giving preference to websites that utilize SSL certification and penalizing those that do not. Because all DX1 websites are secure, this improves search engine rank, brand awareness and can increase website traffic.

Stay on Target.

Being able to “Get the Full Picture” is all about transparency. How is my website doing? How many visitors came to my site? How many customers are using a mobile device to view my products? What units are they looking at? We’ve got you covered. DX1 uses Google Analytics to give you a wide or narrow view of the details depending how much information you want.

Where Online Meets the Open Road.

You pay attention to the way you display your units in your dealership showroom. You make sure you convey the feeling of adventure to help customers visualize themselves riding cross country, cutting the waves or rumbling through off-beaten paths. Your online showroom is no different. You don’t just sell machines. You sell adventure. You sell cool. You sell escape.

DX1 showrooms were created to transcend the cold reality of 2-D and help your customers get as close to the real thing as possible. We provide the features, specs and marketing images to automatically update your site when new models are introduced. Increase major unit leads with DX1’s Showroom module.

Automated reports make it easy to send data you are looking for to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Set it and Forget it.

DX1 allows you to upload your inventory quickly to one central location and will automatically post new and used major units to your website, as well as a number of online marketing sites. You’ll have access to all available OEM model data so you can avoid manual entry. You decide which units you want to send, and where you want to send them. DX1 does the rest. The days of logging in to multiple websites to copy and paste are over.

Have a hard time remembering to load new OEM promotions and take the old ones down when they expire? We get it. DX1 has a built-in feature that will manage the promotions on your site for you. As soon as new promotions are available from the manufacturer, they are available on your website - no work required by you. We also remove expired promotions so buyers will only see the current offers.

Full-Court Press.

DX1 understands the needs to reach a broader audience when it comes to closing more sales. We offer a variety of tools and services that will “get the word out” and get those customers in!

  • Digital Marketing: DX1’s newsletter tool makes it practical to add dedicated email marketing to your sales plan. You can easily market your inventory, promotions and events, without extra work.
  • Managed SEO: You’ll get a team of dedicated SEO specialists with powersports industry knowledge and experience who will provide ongoing optimization, updates and adjustments to site content ensuring your website stays relevant, up-to-date, and in front of customers.
  • Listing Inventory Mobile App: The fastest and easiest way to manage photos and pricing for your major unit inventory. With the app, you can take photos of inventory and load them directly to specific models from your mobile device. This eliminates the extra step of transferring images from a camera or phone to a desktop computer.
  • Slider Management Tool: Manage multiple sliders in a single spot with the ability to schedule images to display and expire. Auto include promotional images - you don’t need to upload them- they rotate in and expire based on promotional dates.